Fans Express Concern For SHINee Onew’s Health After Recent Shocking Transformation

They think he looks unrecognizable.

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This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

Shawols (SHINee fans) are concerned for SHINee’s leader Onew after his shocking transformation.

SHINee’s Onew | SM Entertainment

Onew made his solo comeback recently with his first full-length album, Circle.

Shawols have been excited as Onew has been actively promoting, and he even held his first solo concert, ONEW 1st CONCERT O-NEW NOTE, on March 3-5, which both Minho and Key attended. Yet, they’ve become increasingly concerned about his health due to his recent change in appearance.

Some of SHINee’s recent uploads, particularly from the Japan concerts, feature a hardly recognizable Onew.

| @SHINee/Twitter

Shawols are pointing out how Onew appears significantly skinnier this comeback than ever. Even though K-Pop idols tend to lose some weight for comebacks, Onew has maintained a healthy yet slim appearance, as shown in SHINee’s last comeback in 2021.

| SM Entertainment

He’s always been a small man, but even with his slender physique, he usually had a full, slightly rounded face that contributed to his youthful, boyish look despite being in his early 30s.

So, to see how significantly thin his entire being, especially his face, looks now is naturally causing Shawols to worry about the leader. They are voicing their concerns on social media, disturbed about his sudden transformation. Fans just want him to be healthy.


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We would like to believe that Onew is healthy because he has always emphasized the importance of staying healthy. Recently, CRAVITY‘s Allen actually shared that Onew had advised him to be healthy so that he could be a longtime K-Pop idol.

Likewise, at a fansign earlier this month, Onew reassured Shawols that he was “serious” about his health because he wants to be with them for “a long time.”

Onew’s words are not all there are to reassure us. Another Shawol pointed out that he looks much healthier and more like himself in fansite’s photos since they do minimal editing compared to his company, SM Entertainment. They’re contributing his recent unusual appearance to unnatural filters.

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