SHINee’s Onew Says The Woman In His “DICE” Music Video Looks Like A Lemon, But Her Visuals Have Shawols Shook

Shawols are simping over the “Lemon Lady!”

The “Lemon Lady” in SHINee Onew‘s “DICE” music video blew Shawols away with her visuals!

SHINee’s Onew | @dlstmxkakwldrl/Instagram

Onew released his DICE mini album with a title track of the same name on April 11. The mini album is jam-packed with bops, and the music video for “DICE” is a masterpiece!

| SMTOWN/YouTube

The “DICE” video featured a woman dressed in yellow who saved Onew from the villains.

During his countdown live ahead of DICE‘s release, Onew gave a spoiler for the music video. He said, “A female comes out…this is a huge spoiler, right? Who resembles a lemon.”

| 둥둥저장소🖤/YouTube 

Shawols had no idea what to expect from Onew’s description, but they were pleasantly surprised by the woman’s visuals when they watched the music video.

Shawols took to Twitter to talk about the beautiful “Lemon Lady,” and some fans even said they were turning their accounts into “Lemon Lady” stan accounts!

Check out the “DICE” music video below!