SHINee’s Onew Personally Served Up Tasty Treats To SM Entertainment Staff 

He cooked and delivered the treats himself:

Every Shawol knows well that Onew has the biggest heart. He is always thinking of others whether it be his fellow SHINee members, Shawols, or anyone else he meets. And his latest plans involving the hard-working staff of SM Entertainment, proved once again that he is truly the sweetest guy ever!

| @hyunz.p/Instagram

Greeting fans through the messaging service Bubble, Onew hinted that he had some big plans for the day. Although he hadn’t said what those plans were, through a series of Instagram stories posted on SHINee’s official page posted only a few hours later, fans found out exactly what they were.

Outside of the SM Entertainment building, Onew not only set up a food truck to treat the hard-working staff members but he also manned the truck himself!

Taking orders from everyone gathered to try his food, Onew cutely let them know that they didn’t have to wait there if they were too busy and that he would deliver the food to them if they wrote their name down for him!

After letting the staff know they’d all be getting some, Onew headed straight into the truck and started cooking up some tasty bungeo-ppang, a sweet fish-shaped bread usually filled with sweet red beans.

Each bread was wrapped in a package that playfully read, “Enjoy your meal.” | @hyunz.p/Instagram

Once piping hot, Onew carefully wrapped up each one in a package and presented them to the staff with a huge smile on his face!

He also made sure to give anyone who couldn’t stay some of his delicious bread too!

Knowing that his plans were serving up food for the staff members has, in turn, been putting a huge smile on everyone else’s face and making fans everywhere fall even further in love with him.

Onew is truly the sweetest!