Netizens Spark Rumors That SHINee’s Onew Was Cutting His Wrist After Suspicious Photos Emerge

Korean netizens began spreading rumors that SHINee’s Onew was cutting his wrist after alleged fans began compiling suspicious photos.

Rumors of SHINee Onew hurting his right wrist started when an alleged fan uploaded images of Onew seeming to hide his right hand.

“There’s definitely something strange about Onew’s right hand…ㅠㅠㅠ”

— @S5ojkmt_15W


Netizens began to notice that Onew had a unique outfit design done for his recent Korean Music Festival performance.


His cuff sleeves were brought down to completely cover his hand. At the time, fans believed it was simply a unique fashion design.


But netizens began investigating the photos and wondered why Onew’s stylists would cover up his right hand when Onew was right-handed.

  • “Onew’s a right-handed person… He usually holds his mic with his right hand, so why would he hold his mic with his left?”
  • “When I went to KMF, I thought his long sleeves were just a fashion statement… but looking at it now… his right hand looks like its hurt.”


Onew usually held his mic with his right hand when talking or singing ballads.


Fans also brought up recent photos of Onew at Red Velvet‘s “RedMare” concert, where he once again wore long sleeved shirts that covered his wrists.


Onew was also seen holding the lightstick with his left instead of his right, and netizens claimed his right hand looked “awkward“.

  • “He only put the sleeve down on his right hand and his right arm looks awkward.”
  • “Wouldn’t he have covered his left hand since he’s right handed?”


Onew also held Red Velvet’s sign with only his left hand while he kept his right hand down at his side.


Netizens quickly began spreading rumors that Onew had hurt his wrists voluntarily, especially after the events that occurred since the death of his band member Jonghyun.

  • “I can’t really tell but do you think he tried to suicide…? Is that what it is?”
  • “Is that a scar from attempted suicide……?”
  • “I’m not a fan of SHINee but I’m really worried for him…”
  • “No way… It can’t be. I hope he just accidentally hurt it.”
  • “Onew please don’t… All I can do is worry for you and support you from afar. It breaks my heart.”


Other netizens and fans defended Onew, claiming he would never hurt himself on purpose.

  • “Onew gets hurt often so don’t cause so much controversy.”
  • “Artists can hurt their wrists easily on stage so he probably is just keeping it covered for a while. He looks fine so I’m relieved.”
  • “He probably accidentally hurt his hand but was afraid of suicidal rumors so covered it up for his performances.”


Many sent out their worries for Onew in hopes that he wasn’t badly hurt and that he was only covering up a minor injury.

  • “Omg… I just got chills… I hope it’s nothing too serious.”
  • “My heart just dropped…”
  • “Omg what is going on? My heart is racing so f*cking fast. I pray it’s nothing serious…”
  • “Please just tell us that it’s nothing serious and that you got hurt just a little bit ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ”
Source: Nate Pann