Koreans Are Worried About Onew In The Aftermath Of Jonghyun’s Death

Fans became extremely worried for Onew’s condition after photos of him at the funeral were released.

Photos of Onew at Jonghyun‘s funeral were released by Korean media, causing fans to worry about his condition.

Along with his fellow SHINee members, group leader Onew attended Jonghyun’s funeral as one of the head mourners.

As SHINee’s leader and oldest member, Onew also helped support fellow member Key during the ceremony. He can be seen holding the other members but looking extremely drained the entire time.

Four months ago, news broke of Onew sexually harassing a woman at a club in Seoul. While he was at a club in Gangnam, Onew was accused of inappropriately touching a woman and taken to the police.

Although he was cleared of all charges and released an apology letter, Onew continued to receive criticism, and a few SHINee fans even boycotted the group’s 2018 Season’s Greetings because it featured Onew.

However, after seeing his condition at Jonghyun’s funeral procession, Netizens have expressed their concern for his health and condition.

Netizen Reactions to Onew:

[+ 651, – 25] It’s not your fault…Don’t blame yourself too much and live for Jonghyun. Jonghyun would not have wanted to see you tear yourself down. I will cheer for you not as a fan but as a person to person.

[+ 529, – 15] You’d understand how that feels when you’ve had a family member leave you so suddenly. Last year my father left me during sleep, he wasn’t even sick…he just left..I never cried that loudly in my life, and I cried a lot, still do sometimes. I was out of it after sending him off but the living continues on living…cheer up.

[+ 552, – 39] Jingi, it’s not your fault. Don’t ever blame yourself. Jonghyun wouldn’t want you to feel sad alone. Let’s find strength in each other, we’ll be there for you. We love you don’t put yourself down too much Jingi.

[+ 104, – 0] I watched the video and Onew couldn’t even cry…the other members were crying and out of it but Onew looked like his soul had just gone..he was still caring for his brothers and it was so sad it was hard to watch.

[+ 68, – 0] I’m not even a fan and i’m worried for SHINee members ㅠㅠ the living’s got to live. He didn’t leave us for the people remaining to be in pain. I hope you get over this well.

[+ 61, – 14] Onew think of Jonghyun and don’t repeat your mistakes again.

[+ 59, – 0] The members must all be having a hard time but Onew especially must be having difficulties dealing with this. He wasn’t able to be on stage with him after the controversy..don’t let that weigh you down and I hope to see you on stage again as bright as before. Everyone makes mistakes. If those things happened when you were drunk…it could happen. For the beautiful artist Jonghyun…live on, members of SHINee. I cheer for you especially Onew.

[+ 45, – 0] It’s okay Onew…you can get back up again.

[+ 44, – 0] The only things I can say at a time like this are the typical, ‘it’s not your fault’, ‘don’t put yourself down’, and ‘cheer up.’ But I hope you can feel the sincerity behind all those words.

[+ 43, – 1] Even saying it’s not your fault might make Onew feel worse. I don’t think that’s the right way to console him. It might make him feel like it was actually his fault. It’s no one’s fault. The fact that a life ended is the fault of no one.

SHINee Jonghyun's Passing

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