Onew Releases Apology Letter For Sexual Harassment Scandal

Onew finally released an apology to his fans.

Four months ago, news broke of Onew sexually harassing a woman at a club in Seoul.

[★BREAKING] SHINee Onew charged with sexual harassment

Though he was cleared of all charges, the controversy garnered attention for Onew and SM Entertainment’s handling of the incident.

[★BREAKING] SHINee Onew cleared of all sexual harassment charges

What’s more, the alleged victim accused SM Entertainment of pressuring her to drop the charges, further casting doubt on Onew’s innocence and character.

[★BREAKING] SHINee Onew’s Victim Claims SM Told Her To Drop The Charges

And in his recently released hand-written apology, he apologized for what he did to his fans and addressed his silence.

“I’d like to apologize to the fans who’ve supported and loved me for disappointing them with the bad news. In the past 4 months, I had time to look back at the love and support disappointed fans gave me and how underserving of it all I am. I was ashamed of myself, regretted what happened, and blamed myself.

The apology is late because I thought over and over again how I should apologize and what words I should use, and I was too remorseful to think that I could dare apologize.”

— Onew

He also apologized to fellow SHINee members and his parents.

“I should have been more careful even during my personal time. I’m so sorry that I had to give you such disappointing news.

I’d also like to apologize to my fellow members who’ve come a long way the last 9 years. Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to my parents and coworkers at the company, who must’ve been shocked.”


Onew went on to promise his fans a better version of himself in the future.

“From now on, whether it’s personal or professional, I promise I will do my utmost to act according to the standards denoted by the name SHINee.”

— Onew

Netizens and SHINee fans remain doubtful, however, and made a request, via DC Inside’s online forum, that Onew either leave or be dropped from the group.

“To reinstate Onew after these incidents would be to do additional harm to the victim. And, as an extension, it would be an affront to other victims of sexual harassment.”

— DC Inside SHINee Gallery Community

Fans and netizens are waiting on SM Entertainment to make an official statement.

Source: My Daily