SHINee Share Details Of Upcoming Solo Albums And Fans Are Excited

It is going to be a busy few months!

After releasing their new track, “Atlantis,” SHINee has shared details of the member’s upcoming projects with their fans!

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To celebrate their new repackaged album Atlantis, the members had a special VLive broadcast with their fans. During the stream, the members discussed their schedules for the next few months on a “SHINee Treasure Map.”

With graphics related to their new album, the group looked at what each member has planned for the next few months, and it is definitely busy!

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May will see Taemin release a solo album that he teased during a recent VLive. During that month, Minho will be filming a new drama called Yumi’s Cells, and Onew is set to star in the musical The Sun’s Song. If that wasn’t enough, they are hoping to hold a fan event that month.

After that, July will see Key release a solo album followed by Onew in September which is great news for SHINee fans!

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After the broadcast, fans took to social media saying how excited they were about the next few months!

With so much going on, it will be a busy few months for both the group and their fans!

You can watch the video for their new track “Atlantis” below!