SHINee’s Minho Cast In K-Drama “Yumi’s Cells” As A Character Who Is Gay In The Original Webtoon

He will play the role of Woogi.

It was previously announced that actress Lee Yu Bi had been cast for webtoon adapted K-Drama, Yumi’s Cells, alongside Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun. It was recently reported that SHINee‘s Minho will be joining the cast!

Minho will play Woo Gi, a colleague of the female lead, Yumi. Yumi previously had a crush on Woo Gi. In the original webtoon, Woo Gi plays a huge role in the first half of the series. The character in the webtoon is gay. However, it has not been confirmed about the extent of his role in the drama adaptation. It is also unannounced as to if his character will remain written as gay in the drama.

This is not Minho’s first rodeo! He has slowly but steadily built up a portfolio of supporting roles in various dramas and movies, including Hwarang, Lovestruck In The City, Two Men and more. He even played the main lead in To The Beautiful You!

Yumi’s Cells is about a single working woman in her 30s. Inside her, there are various cells to represent and deal with her various emotions. As she is not adept at expressing her own thoughts and feelings, these cells come to life and help her through her interactions with people. The cells, although they control Yumi, are willing to do anything to achieve her happiness. Lee Yoo Bi plays Ruby, Yumi’s rival for Woogi’s affection. Yumi is insecure in her feelings towards Woogi due to her age. Woogi sets her up with his friend Woong, as played by Ahn Bo Hyun. They get into a relationship.

It is set to air in autumn 2021.