SHINee’s Taemin Gets Duly Upset At SM Entertainment For “Messing Up His Plans”… Fans Are Calling Up The Company

They ruined his plans.

SHINee‘s Taemin is due for a solo comeback on the September 7, with the song “CRIMINAL”. The song was highly-anticipated, following his success with “2KIDS” earlier last month. It was also reported that Taemin himself was working really hard on the song. However, it seems that his plans may have had fallen through, thanks to a mistake made by his company.

| SM Entertainment

A few days from his anticipated release, Taemin posted a message on Dear.U Bubble to fans. He was upset that a small snippet of his upcoming song had been released without prior notice on his new reality show, Rare Taem.

| @wavyeo/Twitter

The reality show is produced in-house by SM Entertainment and is meant to be a funny and cheerful tone. As “CRIMINAL” has a heavier mood, Taemin was upset that his song was used in that setting without discussion. While it is unclear what plans he had for the song, one thing is certain – Taemin felt upset at his hard work being undermined by the use of “CRIMINAL” in such a situation.

Fans are outraged at the company for catching Taemin unaware and making him so upset. Some have even taken to asking other fans to alert SM Entertainment of the situation to take rectifying steps.

Others are requesting for all fans to immediately take down the recorded clips from the episode, while they contact the company to make necessary changes to the episode.

If you’ve yet to check out his latest comeback teaser, the album concept can be seen in this concept trailer below!