Here’s Why SHINee’s Taemin Chose To Enlist In The Military Band And What He’s Been Up To Since His Enlistment

He’s adjusting to military life so well!

SHINee‘s Taemin recently did an interview with the Military Manpower Administration, and he revealed why he decided to apply for a spot in the military band!

SHINee’s Taemin | Military Manpower Administration

Taemin is the second SHINee member to join the military band, and he followed in Key‘s footsteps by joining.

SHINee’s Key | @diorkibum/Twitter

During his interview, Taemin said he applied to the military band because he “is a singer and likes to sing,” which proves just how much he loves music.

| Military Manpower Association

Taemin also revealed that he hopes that his time in the military band will broaden his musical spectrum, so he can “try more genres and concepts later on.” 

| @nur_twinsoul/Twitter

While serving in the military, Taemin’s been sharpening his musical skills. He said he started learning how to play the piano with the military band.

| Military Manpower Association

Of course, Shawols know that Taemin has flexed his piano skills plenty of times in the past, but it’s great to hear that he’s spending time practicing the piano during his enlistment.

| Lolchae93/YouTube 
| SMTOWN/YouTube

From the sounds of it, Taemin is going to come out of the military with even sharper musical skills than he went in with, and we can’t wait to hear him try new concepts and genres when he completes his military service!

| Military Manpower Association

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Source: Military Manpower Association