SHINee’s Taemin Explains The Meaning Behind The Name Of His Upcoming Album

Taemin revealed why his album is called “Never Gonna Dance Again”.

SHINee‘s Taemin is gearing up to make his solo return on September 7 with the release of his 3rd album Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1. While anticipation has been soaring to new heights as the day draws nearer, there’s been one question weighing on many minds — why Taemin decided to call his album Never Gonna Dance Again.

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Being an amazing dancer who is incredibly well-known and praised for his skills, W Korea decided to get to the bottom of the interesting choice in a behind video of their photoshoot with him.

| W Korea 더블유 코리아/YouTube

So what does the title actually mean? Well, it means much like what it sounds like! Having such a strong connection to dancing, Taemin explained he wanted to show a more rebellious side, “So ‘Never Gonna Dance Again’ literally means I won’t dance. As I have a very strong image connected to dancing, I was trying to express the ‘rebellious’ side of myself.”

Taemin didn’t just want to showcase his rebellious side, however, he also wanted to introduce a little change. “It’s hard for someone to break away or change something they’ve been doing their whole lives. I wanted to try something like that,” he further elaborated.

To reflect this new side, Taemin revealed that that was the reason why his pre-release masterpiece “2 KIDS” doesn’t really have a set choreography! Instead, Taemin simply wants to give fans excitement for his performances.

That’s why ‘2 KIDS’ doesn’t really have a choreography. There’s no set performance. I just wanted to give you excitement.

— Taemin

Fans all around the world, meanwhile, can’t wait to see all the different sides Taemin will showcase through his comeback! Find out what else Taemin had to say about his album, “2 KIDS”, and more below: