SHINee’s Taemin Names The Things In His Past He Wishes To Change The Most

Despite his mega-successful career, the idol is not devoid of regrets.

SHINee’s Taemin made his return to the entertainment industry in April after completing his mandatory military service, which was followed by his group’s eighth studio album, HARD, celebrating 15 years after their debut.



SHINee | SM Entertainment

Now, the SHINee maknae has treated fans with yet another release, with his fourth solo mini album, Guilty. As a part of his promotional activities for the album, Taemin appeared as a guest on BTS Suga’s YouTube talk show Suchwita.

Taemin (left) and Suga (right) | @BTS_twt/X

During the episode, the two ’93-liners bonded over their shared experience of being in the idol industry for a prolonged period. Though the two have crossed paths during group activities before, this episode was the first occasion they truly got to meet each other one-on-one.

| @BTS/YouTube
| @BTS/YouTube

The 93-liner gathering was made even more special when Jimin unexpectedly joined them mid-filming to surprise his long-time friend Taemin. While the three chatted, the topic of being the youngest in a group came up naturally. Despite being the same age, Taemin is his group’s maknae, while Suga is the second oldest in his group. When he brought up how BTS’s youngest member, Jungkook, has evolved while living with the older members, Taemin related to it strongly.

Another similarity between Jungkook and Taemin’s career trajectories is that both artists debuted very young. While the former was only 15 when BTS made their debut, Taemin was 14 when SHINee debuted.

SHINee in 2018 | SM Entertainment

Suga couldn’t help but wonder if there were things Taemin would like to change in his past after spending fifteen years as a member of SHINee. In his response, the “Guilty” singer got honest and said, “I would lose my temper a lot.” He elaborated that during his earlier days, he was the one who fought with his older members the most, recalling that he was almost like a “fighter” back then.

Though Suga joked that it was because of their zodiac sign, Taemin sincerely confessed that he made some mistakes in his younger years that might have hurt others. He added that he wanted to “be able to understand the members” because he knows “their personalities now.”

Another part of his younger days that Taemin wishes he could change is the fact that he spent his teenage chasing his dreams very intensely. If he could go back in time, the singer said he would “experience the things you can only feel when you’re a teenager.”

In addition, Taemin also talked about being influenced by his older members during the episode. Read about it here.