SHINee’s Taemin Featured On NBC’s “The Today Show”

They called him the “K-Pop’s Michael Jackson”!

SHINee‘s Taemin has officially been called “K-Pop’s Michael Jackson” on NBC’s The Today Show!


Taemin appeared as part of a segment called “What is K-Pop?” alongside clips of PSY, BTS, G-Dragon, and EXO. He was interviewed and filmed backstage during his “Move” tour.


Taemin was shy when the presenter told him that he was a triple-threat and laughed at the comment that Americans scream a lot at K-Pop stars.

“You have it all, my friend. You have the looks, the talent, you can dance, you can sing.” — NBC Presenter


The segment talks about fan chants, auditions, dance choreography and plastic surgery – with the presenter asking a surgeon to make him look like Taemin.

The doctor said many people ask to look like the star because he’s very handsome.


The K-Pop focus ends with a shot of Taemin’s video clip and the presenter saying “most of all, this country makes great music.


Fans certainly agree that Taemin has a Michael Jackson vibe!


Check out the full NBC clip below: