SHINee’s Taemin Postpones Highly Anticipated Comeback Due To Wrist Injury

Get well soon, Taemin.

SHINee‘s Taemin, who was scheduled to make his comeback in July, suffered a wrist injury recently, causing his comeback to be postponed.

According to an exclusive report from Joy News24, Taemin was practicing the choreography for his comeback song when he suffered an injury to his right wrist. While the injury is not severe, it is still in a condition where he requires treatment and stability to recover.

Taemin has been preparing for his comeback in July for some time now, and expectations were high as this would be his first comeback in 17 months, since he released his second mini album Want in February 2019. Taemin decided to delay his comeback date to after he fully recovers in order to show fans a perfect performance.

SM Entertainment now commented on Taemin’s injury and delayed comeback, confirming he has a fractured wrist.

Recently, Taemin fell during his choreography practice and suffered a fracture by his right wrist.

He is currently receiving outpatient treatment and we plan to reschedule and announce his comeback as his recovery progresses.

— SM Entertainment

Source: Joy News24 and MBN