Taemin Proves He Really Is The Unageing Maknae Of SHINee In New Youthful Selfie

We need to know his secret for eternal youth.

SHINee‘s youngest member, Taemin, just celebrated his 29th birthday on July 18. Born in 1993, the idol was only 14 when he debuted with SHINee in May 2008, and he looked every part the young rookie that he was!

Taemin in 2008

And now, even though over fourteen years have passed, Taemin shared a new selfie on his birthday that proves he hasn’t seemed to have aged a day since he first hit the K-Pop scene!

Taemin in 2012

He shared the picture with fans on the app Lysn, where fans can communicate with their favorite artists from SM Entertainment. And the picture quickly gained attention due to Taemin’s ageless and handsome visuals!

Taemin’s birthday selfie from Lysn

Here’s how fans were reacting to the handsome picture from Taemin!

Taemin is currently still serving his mandatory military service, and is due to be discharged in March 2023. We hope that he had a wonderful birthday!

Source: The Qoo