SHINee’s Key to host his own reality show, “Key’s Knowhow”

SHINee‘s Key is set to feature in his own reality show titled Key’s Knowhow, which will be airing on Mnet, and has even posted teasers to his SNS page!

According to a representative, the reality show will showcase Key’s lifestyle and daily routines through the show. While Key is known as a fashionista in the idol world and his show will include his fashion items, Key’s Knowhow will also feature other aspects of his life such as eating and goofing off.

An official from CJ E&M stated on June 22nd that the show is “still in discussions regarding time and broadcast platform.” The show will be a four part series, however, it is unclear whether this translates to four episodes or a longer season that will be divided.

Key was recently featured on MBC‘s My Little TV where his fans swooned after he took his shirt off. Meanwhile, the singer recently wrapped up promotions for SHINee‘s “View” and is starring in the musical Chess while SHINee prepares their repackaged album set to be released in July.

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Source: MyDaily