Here’s Why Olympic Short-Track Team Leader Kwak Yoon Gy Decided To Dance To BTS’s “Dynamite” At The 2022 Beijing Olympics

“…I wanted to repay RM…”

The 2022 Beijing Olympics are still underway but February 16th marked the medal ceremony for the male short-track speed skating relay event. As the South Korean team stepped up to the podium, team leader Kwak Yoon Gy surprised everyone by dancing to BTS‘s “Dynamite” right before the team took the stage.

Fans were pleasantly surprised to see BTS’s iconic dance make an appearance on such a huge, global event. During a post podium interview, Kwak Yoon Gy shared why he decided to do so.

I’m a fan of BTS on the regular too, but I also I wanted to repay RM however I could for the comfort I received when I was having it rough during the early stages of the Olympics due to the biased judging.

— Kwak Yoon Gy

For those not yet in the know, RM previously sent a brave message of encouragement to the short-track speed skating team. During that time, the whole nation was in an uproar due to alleged biased judging during the short-track events. As the 2022 Olympics was hosted in China, many claimed the judges were giving favor to the home team.

| @rkive/Instagram

Thanks to the matter, RM also received some hate from online netizens from the opposing team. You can read more about RM’s supportive message and the matter below.

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Source: Joongang