Here’s What NCT’s Shotaro Might Have Become If He Did Not Debut As A Singer

The reasons for his childhood dreams are adorable.

NCT‘s Shotaro is well-loved for his slick dance moves, adorable personality, and husky rap voice. Although he joined the group late in 2020, he quickly swept up fans with his sincerity and skills. On a radio show with fellow member Yuta, he shared his childhood dreams.

Yuta currently hosts Yuta At Home, his very own radio show in Japanese. During an episode together, Shotaro revealed that he wanted to become either a soccer player or a pastry chef! Coincidentally, Yuta similarly had childhood dreams of becoming a soccer player. Adorably, Shotaro’s reason for wanting to become a pastry chef was simply because he enjoyed sweets! On the other hand, he wanted to become a soccer player as the children around him wanted to.

Fate is a funny thing! Shotaro eventually went on to join one of Japan’s best dance crews and was discovered by SM Entertainment who quickly snapped him up and debuted him in NCT 2020.

Catch his rendition of “Wake Up” below.

Source: Neocity JP