“Show Me The Money 10” Rapper Be’O’s Past Dating Experience Makes Headlines Due To His Ex’s Idol Identity

His fellow rapper friends acknowledged her top-tier status.

Mnet‘s Show Me The Money 10 is well underway, as the talented rappers continue to participate in the fierce competition for a chance to win the first place prize of ₩300 million KRW (about $254,000 USD). And as the rappers continue to make headlines for their participation in the show, there is one rapper that has started to garner heavy attention for his past dating experience.

Poster for “Show Me The Money 10” | Mnet

Fan favorite Be’O previously talked about his dating experience last year on a YouTube channel with some of his rapper friends. However, due to his overnight popularity following his appearance on the rapping competition, his dating history has started to belatedly make headlines.

Rapper Be’O on “Show Me The Money 10” | Mnet

Back in March 2020, Be’O appeared on 맥랩의 맥너겟TV along with rappers San EErrday, and Malkey, where they discussed a variety of different topics. But it was following the question “Be’O, do you have a girlfriend?” that the conversation took an interesting turn.

Still from old YouTube video of Be’O talking about his past dating experience | YouTube

The channel’s host McRap directed his attention towards Be’O, while asking him about his then-current relationship status. While the Show Me The Money 10 contestant responded that he was not currently in a relationship, it was a sudden comment made by the host that snowballed the entire conversation.

| YouTube

How can you date anyone else after dating that person.

— McRap

To this, San E chimed in by sharing that all of Be’O’s songs have been about his previous girlfriend.

| YouTube

After they ended their relationship, Be’O made dozens of songs about it.

— San E

McRap also continued his two cents on the situation by piquing further interest on the identity of Be’O’s ex-girlfriend.

| YouTube

After dating this person, his next girlfriend needs to be on the level of Go So Young or someone like that. He dated an idol.

— McRap

This news didn’t surprise netizens, however, due to Be’O’s previous attendance at the famous School of Performing Arts (SOPA). This high school has become known for its famous attendees, as a good majority of the students are idols, actors, models, trainees, and more. The school’s widely known yellow uniforms have also gone on to become an iconic look.

BTS supporting Jungkook’s (in yellow) graduation from SOPA.

Be’O’s former idol girlfriend’s actual identity may not be known, but that was enough for an old video to go viral—a year and half later following its upload.

In related news, you can catch Be’O on Show Me The Money 10 every week on Mnet, but in the meantime, you can watch his performance of “Counting Stars” down below.

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