“Show Me The Money 10” Rapper Criticized For Referring To SHINee’s Jonghyun In New Song

According to netizens, there are a lot of subtle references.

Mnet‘s Show Me The Money 10 recently aired their semi-finals episode, which included a star studded lineup of featuring guests. However, it was one particular contestant that has started to make headlines—and for all the wrong reasons.

Poster for “Show Me The Money 10” | Mnet

On the November 26th episode of the Mnet survival program, rapper Mudd the Student collaborated with AKMU for his impressive semi-final stage. The two artists created the track “Dissonance” together, which went viral for its upbeat melody and genius lyrics. It was a few of the very lyrics, however, that has created some trouble for the rapper.

Collaboration stage between Mudd the Student and AKMU | Mnet

According to hawk-like netizens, there are lyrics present in “Dissonance” that allegedly refers to late SHINee member, Jonghyun.

Netizens who dissected the Show Me The Money 10 song noticed similarities between Mudd the Student’s track and some of Jonghyun’s tracks. They argued that the “Dissonance” verse, “I’m like the door of an elevator” was in reference to Jonghyun’s B-track song, “Elevator” from the SHINee member’s compilation album, Story Op. 2.

Mudd the Student: “I’m like the door of an elevator” | Mnet

According to netizens, another “Dissonance” lyric, “the loss of my childhood was replaced by a phantom pain (환상통)” allegedly alluded to another song by Jonghyun, “환상통 Only One You Need.”

SHINee Jonghyun’s two tracks, “Elevator” and “환상통 (Only One You Need)” | Nate Pann

Netizens claimed that this particular lyric, “you kept breathing until you ended your life” was not only alluding to Jonghyun’s death, but also to Lee Hi‘s “Breathe”—which was written by the SHINee member.

Mudd the Student: “you kept breathing until you ended your life” | Mnet

SHINee fans who watched Mudd the Student’s performance expressed their sheer disappointment with the track, as they continued to make claims that the song was indeed about Jonghyun.

Comments | Nate Pann
  • “The lyric, ‘you kept breathing until you ended your life’ is really disrespectful? It’s outrageous that he included this because it’s like he’s comparing himself to Jonghyun. He’s saying Jonghyun may not have been able to overcome it in the end, but he’s different and was able to overcome it.”
  • “When I see people shield themselves from malicious comments by saying these types of songs are made out of respect as a tribute, I can’t help but wonder what’s going on in their minds. There are billions, trillions of sad narratives in South Korea—so why do people insist on using the deceased? He uses his life’s story and says it’s art, but he was really rude. Why do people think it was out of good intention? This is not a light topic that even close people are wary of mentioning, so I don’t know where he gets the audacity to mention it so recklessly.”
  • “‘Breathe’ is is the song that Jonghyun wrote and created….but the lyrics ‘you kept breathing until you ended your life’ shows that you’re someone who has no idea what the meaning behind ‘Breathe’ actually is. Who shows respect in this way?”
Late SHINee member, Jonghyun | Billboard

Neither Mnet nor Mudd the Student’s agency has yet addressed the ongoing situation.

Source: Nate Pann and WikiTree