“Show Me The Money 777” TOP 2, Loopy And Nafla, Admit To Marijuana Usage

They admitted to using it.

Rappers Nafla and Loopy, who finished 1st and 2nd place respectively on Show Me The Money 777, admitted to marijuana usage.

According to an exclusive report from Channel A, there was a marijuana usage scandal in 2019, where multiple rappers were caught using marijuana at a suspected mass marijuana party.

In Channel A’s report, they stated that it was belatedly revealed both Nafla and Loopy were caught using marijuana during an investigation by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

In September 2019, police investigated the drug charges levied against were indeed valid, after both hair and urine drug tests done on Nafla and Loopy came out positive.

Nafla told police that he and Loopy used marijuana at their production studio, and the marijuana was purchased by a different rapper at their agency.

I did marijuana with Loopy at the studio.

The marijuana was purchased by another rapper in the agency.

— Nafla

Because of Nafla’s admission, police also tested other rappers and friends of the rappers for marijuana usage, with 3 other rappers and 5 of their acquaintances testing positive for marijuana. Police believe there was a party where many people used marijuana together. Channel A later revealed that the other rappers included BLOO, most famous for his song “Downtown Baby”, Young West, and Owen, who is currently competing on Show Me The Money 9.

MKIT Rain, which houses both Nafla and Loopy, apologized for their actions.

Our rappers admit to their wrongdoings and are deeply reflecting on themselves.

We have come up with stronger disciplinary measures to prevent something like this from happening again.

— MKIT Rain

In addition, police handed over the case to prosecution, based on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act. During the first trial, prosecution indicted one of the five rappers involved, and dismissed the charges for the other four, citing that it was their first offense.

Source: Channel A and Channel A