“Show Me The Money” Rapper KillaGramz Arrested For Possessing And Smoking Marijuana

He was caught with marijuana.

Rapper KillaGramz, who appeared on Mnet‘s Show Me The Money seasons 5, 6, and 9, has been arrested for possession and smoking marijuana.

According to an exclusive report from SBS, the Seoul Yeongdeungpo Police Station is investigating rapper Killagramz, who carries United States citizenship, for violating the Narcotics Control Act. He is currently being charged without detention.

Killagramz was arrested by police around 4:10pm KST on March 1 after the police received a report that there was the smell of something burning near his home. When police were dispatched to his house, the house was full of smoke and the smell was strong, similar to burning mugwort.

Police questioned Killagramz on whether he smoked marijuana, he smoked marijuana, and he initially denied it, stating he doesn’t smoke marijuana and was only smoking an e-cigarette. However in the kitchen, police found dried marijuana. They also found a fan, a plastic device used to smoke the marijuana, and crushed marijuana in a set of drawers in his studio.

In the end, Killagramz admitted to purchasing ₩400,000 KRW ($356 USD) worth of marijuana in December 2020 from an unknown seller in Itaewon, and smoked some of it. Police are currently investigating whether anyone else smoked the marijuana with him.

Source: SBS