“Showterview with Jessi” Has Just Aired Its Last Episode

It’s over 😭😭

Showterview with Jessi has come to its conclusion after 95 episodes and 155 guests.

The 95th episode of Showterview with Jessi was released today, April 29 KST, and PSY guested on the show to promote his new album as well as to support his P-NATION artist.

At the end of the episode, Jessi and SBS announcer Cho Jung Shik, who has been a guest MC throughout Showterview with Jessi, returned to share the sad news with the fans of the show.

Cho Jung Shik: Jessi has got something to tell the subscribers?

Jessi: Actually… Showterview is… taking its leave (ending). We have decided to end the show.

Cho Jung Shik: Right, Showterview has been running for two years, since we first met in May 2020. We’ve interviewed so many celebrities and we were happy to entertain our subscribers. It’s time for us to say goodbye.

Cho Jung Shik: You may question “It’s going great! Why are you ending the show?” but as the saying goes, “When there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow.” We came to the conclusion that it would be meaningful to say goodbye while we are receiving your love.

The ending continues, with Jessi and Jo Jung Shik both sharing their feelings and how the program was so important to them.

Jessi: I wanted to make all the guests feel comfortable here. I wanted to make it really comfortable and different instead of a rigid talk show, and I feel so proud of myself for managing to do it and so grateful for all the good responses.

Jessi: Honestly, they could’ve thought “This show is too noisy” or “That’s too much” because we all have different cultures… but thank you so much for thinking highly of us and we had the chance to meet a lot of good people including Jung Shik oppa.

Jessi: I feel so grateful for our production team. I’ve learned so many things from Showterview.

Cho Jung Shik: It’s also very meaningful to me. When I first met Jessi, that was in May 2020 and in that month, I went on a blind date, with the person that is now my wife! So we started going out and we’ve got married the next year. So basically, I started Showterview as a single man and wrapped it up as a married man. I would’ve brought my baby if it lasted longer! That’s how meaningful this show is to me.

The two finished off the show with a variety of questions with the lie detector, including one about how is Showterview ever returns for a second season.

Cho Jung Shik: If you get an offer to be the host of Showterview Season 2, would you accept it with no hestitation?

Jessi: If the timing is right, I’m in.

Cho Jung Shik: Yes or No?!?!

Jessi: Yes!

Jessi: But maybe it will be after a while cause I need some me-time before starting again.

And alas, the lie detector said Jessi’s words were true.

Watch the last episode of Showterview below: