“Showterview With Jessi” Releases Official Apology For Colorism Controversy—Cites Mistranslation Of Certain Words

They have apologized for the misunderstanding.

The team from Showterview With Jessi posted a response on Instagram to the recent controversy surrounding their latest episode.

TWICE guested on Showterview With Jessi. After the episode aired, a particular moment caused controversy. Netizens accused Jessi of saying colorist remarks after Tzuyu mentioned wanting to have lighter skin for a day.

| Mobidic/YouTube
| Mobidic/YouTube 

In the statement, the team apologized for any upset it may have caused fans explaining that English translation issues caused the misunderstanding.

When providing the English subtitles for yesterday’s episode of the show with members of TWICE as guests, Jessi’s comment using the word ‘Ttaemiri,’ which holds the meaning of cleansing by scrubbing in Korean bathing culture, was mistranslated by our team as ‘dirt’ instead of ‘cleansing,’ upsetting fans in the process.

Showterview With Jessi Team

They also emphasized that Jessi and TWICE did not intend for their comments to be taken out of context or offend anyone.

The team also emphasized that in the future, they were going to focus on the quality and accuracy of their subtitles and are currently editing the episode to avoid any more mistranslations.

We, the Showterview Team, acknowledge and hold ourselves accountable for providing English subtitles that had room for misinterpretation. We will do our best to be more mindful moving forward. The video is currently being revised with regards to the mistranslation. We are deeply sorry for disappointing our viewers.

Showterview With Jessi Team

Source: Jessishow_official and FI


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