Sideshow Collectibles Releases BTS Statues, Featuring Their Iconic “IDOL” Hanboks, And We’re Obsessed

We’re about to be broke!

Sideshow Collectibles has released some new BTS merch that you’ll definitely want to get your hands on!

Sideshow is a specialty manufacturer of movie, film, and television merchandise, primarily high-end pieces, such as fine art prints and high-quality collectible figures and statues. They license some of the biggest franchises, including Star Wars, Disney, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings, and even music artists like BTS.

Their latest release is BTS Deluxe Statues, inspired by the iconic “IDOL” live performance in 2018. It features each member in their hanbok.

The RM Deluxe Statue measures 9.2” tall and 8.4” wide, featuring an intricate mixed media costume application with wiring to create the perfect pose. Sideshow describes it as, “RM flows toward his next dance move with his hands raised at his sides and his turquoise robe billowing behind him. He wears brown and navy hanbok-inspired clothing, complimenting his purple ashed hair.” It also includes details, such as his earrings and sneakers.

The Jin Deluxe Statue measures 9” tall and 8.4” wide and shows him reaching out towards the audience. He is dressed in an “all black shirt and pants with gold accents to match his black hair,” along with his royal blue hanbok, ribbons, and accessories, such as earrings and white shoes.

The Suga Deluxe Statue measures 9” tall and 8.4” wide as it captures him gesturing to the crowd while winking. “A gold chain lays delicately on his throat, and yellow flowers adorn his layered black robe, worn over shimmering bronze trousers and white shirt.” Every detail is captured as it also includes his earrings and white and black sneakers.

The J-Hope Deluxe Statue measures 9.3” tall and 8.4” wide while being posed, one hand rests on his chin and one under his elbow, with a smirk on his face as he is dressed in a silky blue hanbok. “Complete with sculpted details like his black and white sneakers, the energetic figure stands on a black stage base to match the other members of the collection.”

The Jimin Deluxe Statue measures 11.3” tall and 8.4” wide, showing Jimin with a red fan raised high above his head. He wears a gold jacket over a simple black hanbok as well as his black shoes and signature earrings.

The V Deluxe Statue measures 9.1” tall and 8.4” wide and features V in a colorful presentation as he “points, one hand floating near his cherry red hair and the other extended out to the crowd.” His outfit complements his hairstyle perfectly as it includes a “powder blue shirt and white trousers with his black floral robe sweeping out as he steps to his next dance move.”

The Jungkook Deluxe Statue measures 9.1” tall and 8.4” wide as it showcases the maknae sliding into a dance move while smiling. It includes his dark blue hanbok fluttering over a sparkly vest, paired with black trousers, black and blue sneakers, and, of course, earrings.

ARMYs are stunned by the detail in the designs but also the cost! Each statue costs $195 USD, and a set of all seven members costs $1,365 USD, saving about $70 USD. Payment plans are also available. The statues will ship out in May-June of 2022.

Sideshow also recommends pairing the statues with the BTS: IDOL Fine Art Print by Ian MacDonald, inspired by the same performance. It ranges in cost from $45 to $350 USD, depending on whether it is purchased on paper or canvas and unframed or framed, and the size.

Also for sale is the limited edition statue of the BTS logo. It comes in two unique designs, 7 With You and The Color of Love Edition, for $55 and $45, respectively.

Source: Sideshow Collectibles and Image