Simon D Confesses He “Hated Music” Due To The Constant Comparisons He Received To Jay Park

The stress he endured became too much to bear.

On the most recent episode of Gypcon Live, Simon D shared his career slump and struggles with the viewers. The rapper featured as a guest for the live concert variety show and invited his fellow celebrity friends Kim Jung MinLee Sang Yi, and Lee Dong Hwi to join him.

Still of Simon D (far right in light grey) and friends on “Gypcon Live” | tvN

Following a few performances, Simon D began to share his previous struggles regarding his past as a former co-CEO of AOMG. The rapper revealed that during this time, he “really hated music.”

Simon D | tvN

I really hated music at a point in my life. It was when I was acting as a co-CEO alongside Jay Beom (Jay Park.) During this time, Jae Beom was still releasing music with all of his sincerity and he was promoting actively.

— Simon D

Simon D talking about the stress he endured.

The talented artist continued by confessing the hardships he personally endured because of the dissatisfaction he received in his own work.

I began to get greedy. I wanted to appeal to everyone, so whenever I made music, I would begin to doubt myself and it became an issue. I got so stressed out that I would drink everyday and live life wildly.

— Simon D

To make matters worse, Simon D added that he was constantly being compared to Jay Park, with whom he was a co-CEO with. The rapper shared that the constant comparisons made him doubt himself and his abilities even more.

Simon D confessing his inability to look at himself in the mirror during his slump.

There were a lot of hate comments saying, ‘Park Jae Beom is working really hard, but what are you doing.’ So I thought that I was a talentless guy. I thought that I made it this far even though I am not good at creating music. I couldn’t even look at myself in a mirror. This happened back in 2017.

— Simon D

Back in 2014, Simon D became a co-CEO alongside Jay Park following his departure from Amoeba Culture. Just 4 years later, however, the rapper suddenly announced his resignation from the position, but would remain as an artist under the label.

Jay Park (left) and Simon D (right) | AOMG

While this ignited rumors about bad blood between the two, Simon D finally cleared the air with his recent Gypcon Live confession.

Source: Insight