Rapper Simon Dominic Gets Backlash For “Showing Off” His Donation To A Child Abuse Foundation

Don’t worry, his true fans donated with him.

Rapper Simon Dominic uploaded a heartwarming post about a donation that he made to a Child Abuse Foundation, but it received a bit of backlash from a particular “fan.”

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Just a day ago, Simon Dominic uploaded a photo that showed off his generous and giving heart. The photo that he uploaded is a receipt proving that he donated a whopping 50 million won (~$45,700) to a Children’s Foundation that helps with child abuse. This donation was made in light of the devastating case of baby Jung In and her absolutely heartbreaking death. This case has caused an outrage amongst the public, including celebrities.

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The rapper uploaded the photo along with the caption:

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Let’s work together to ensure that children who are going through hurt and pain may grow up in a safe and healthy environment.

— @longlivesmdc Instagram

In the midst of such a horrible case, Simon Dominic took an incredible initiative to take action towards preventing future cases such as Jung In’s. He donated a generous amount to do what he can with the resources available to him. While most would agree that this is a good deed, a particular fan came forward expressing their disgust in his behavior.

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It’s nice that you’re donating…but doesn’t it seem like you’re asking for attention, ‘please acknowledge my good deed’ by uploading it onto your social media account? Isn’t this essentially a 50 million won clout? Although we know celebrities live off of the attention of the public, shouldn’t something like charity donation be kept private since you can do it quietly..? What is the meaning of a celebrity’s life

— Unknown Instagram user

If you know Simon Dominic, you know that he doesn’t tolerate this type of behavior so naturally, he responded to the hater.

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I didn’t post it to say ‘oh please look at me, please compliment me’ but rather, I uploaded it because that’s the only way other people will pay attention to it. That way, others will also do good deeds along with me. Please pay attention to my stories.

— longlivesmbc Instagram

The stories that the rapper is referring to would be his Instagram stories. He proved his influence by uploading a series of Instagram stories that showcased the donations that started to pour out after his initial upload. His fans started to share their donations, big or small by tagging the rapper. This particular fan donated 100,000 won, which is about $100 and shared it with the rapper.

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I hope that all the young children will be able to live brightly and happily while smiling. #imsorryjungin

— @you._.star__ Instagram

This next fan proves their amazing heart by showing that even a smaller donation can make a difference.

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It’s a small donation but I wanted to take part in a good deed.

— umini_97 Instagram

This fan shared their donation and what they omitted from their daily life in order to do so.

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I hope that there won’t be hurting children anymore. Instead of ordering food, I think it’s more meaningful to donate that money towards a good deed.

— heyjiblee Instagram

After the dozens of never-ending photos, Simon Dominic ended the series of stories with this amazing text.

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‘I’m so glad I became a rapper. I’m so glad I decided to pursue music.’ These are the thoughts I’m having tonight. Today is the proudest day I’ve had since I’ve become a celebrity. Good night everyone~

— longlivesmdc Instagram

Korean netizens loved what Simon Domonic did and poured out their support for the rapper. Here is what they had to say.

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  • “It’s not even their money but there’s always those haters”
  • “Even if you think that he did it for clout, it doesn’t matter because he deserves the acknowledgement. He’s getting praise for doing a good thing what’s wrong with it”
  • “If you don’t want to see it, don’t go into Simon D’s Instagram. Isn’t that an easy fix? It’s their problem for not fixing their Instagram feed so shut up”
  • “I see no problem”
  • “He gave 50 million won, so what if he brags a little. Does that person have that much”
  • “If he doesn’t upload, fans will s**t on him for not donating but if he uploads saying he donated, fans s**t on him for only donating that much even though he makes a lot of money or that they’re only doing it to make themselves look good. Donating isn’t a requirement”
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We knew that there was no pleasing everyone but man, really? Simon Dominic did a good thing and he deserves to be recognized for it. End of story.

Source: theqoo