Rapper Simon Dominic Subtly Campaigns To #StopAsianHate In Recent “I Live Alone” Episode

Fans appreciated the effort.

In a recent guest appearance on reality program I Live Alone, South Korean rapper Simon Dominic rallied against Asian hate in a simple yet effective manner.


While being interviewed for the show, Simon Dominic donned a plain black shirt with the words “STOP ASIAN HATE” imprinted on it. This comes as the Asian community around the world continues to be on the receiving end of racist hate crimes.

After the episode aired, fans from all over the world shared words of support for Simon Dominic. They appreciated his efforts in using his influence and platform to spread awareness about the issue.

Simon Dominic’s shirt hails from contemporary fashion and streetwear brand LMC. According to the brand, all proceeds from the sales of the shirt will be donated to the #StopAsianHate campaign.

Get a better look at Simon Dominic’s shirt in the full clip below.

Source: YouTube
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