Even Actor Simu Liu Can’t Help But Simp Over BTS’s V

He’s a whole mood.

Actor Simu Liu can’t help but simp for BTS‘s V!

Simu Liu


Hawaiian digital creator Erban Legend (@jessica.erban on Instagram) posted on Instagram Stories using the Q&A feature.

Erban Legend | @jessica.erban/Instagram

She’s also ARMY!


So, when someone asked her, “Are you into Asian guys?” two men specifically came to mind: BTS’s V and actor Simu Liu, known for roles in Kim’s Convenience and Marvel film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.


Shortly after she posted her response, Simu Liu himself reposted it. He said, “First and only time I’ll ever be in the same photo as that beautiful man but I’ll take it.” Not even one of PEOPLE‘s “2021 Sexiest Men Alive” is exempt from V’s charms!


The OP (original poster) was obviously super excited (maybe a little embarrassed) about Simu reposting her Instagram Story.


While Simu doesn’t believe he’ll end up in a legit photo with V, we beg to differ. The world is small, and their degrees of separation are few. For one thing, one of V’s best friends, Park Seo Joon, is now part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, if V goes to a film premiere… They will likely meet!

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Simu Liu previously revealed he is a member of the BTS ARMY too. Read more below.

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Source: @jessica.erban/

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