Actor Simu Liu Is ARMY Too—Here’s Who His BTS Bias Is

He’s really just like us!

BTS truly has one of the biggest and most diverse fanbases, including some of the hottest celebrities. From John Cena to Lizzo and even Marvel actors such as Tom Holland, the list is endless.

From left: Jungkook, Jimin, Lizzo, V, and J-Hope at Harry Styles’ concert. | @BTS_twt/ Twitter

And speaking of Marvel actors, many may not realize that Chinese Canadian actor Simu Liu is ARMY.

Simu Liu

The actor is best known for his role as Jung Kim in the CBC Television adaptation of the play Kim’s Convenience. And last year, he made history as the titular character in the first Asian lead superhero film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Of course, history-making celebs like himself would stan fellow history-making artists, such as BTS.

BTS performing “Butter” at 2022 GRAMMYs. | CBS

Simu first confirmed his ARMY status back in 2018. A netizen had tweeted some of the Kim’s Convenience cast, asking if they liked BTS. His response referenced the group’s hit song “MIC Drop.”

Perhaps, it’s one of his favorite songs too. It was the song of choice for his interview with the Canadian entertainment show Etalk.

In 2021, he was spotted dancing to BTS and Halsey‘s collaboration “Boy With Luv.” Simu even knows the choreography!

If you follow Simu on social media, you know already he is a true ARMY. He watches all their achievements closely and praises them.

And what ARMY didn’t rush to McDonald’s for “The BTS Meal?” Simu Liu was especially excited about it.

An incredible collaboration between two things that I love that are incredibly near and dear to my heart… BTS and McDonald’s.

— Simu Liu

For some, their fandoms collided for the first time, though, when Simu Liu guested on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. They played a game of “Beat Saber,” aiming to hit certain obstacles through VR with a lightsaber, and they would do it to a song of their choice. ARMYs already know Jimmy Fallon is one of the biggest ARMYs around!

Yet, most recently, Simu Liu released his inspiring memoir We Were Dreamers: An Immigrant Superhero Origin Story. In it, he shouts out both BTS and EXO.

| @xostarryskyxo/Twitter

Still, after all these years, we didn’t know his bias in BTS until now…

In June, Simu Liu held his We Are Dreamers Tour, promoting the book. During one stop, he was asked about BTS and revealed his bias.

It’s none other than BTS‘s RM! He has mad respect for the leader.

I’ll tell you why. He’s [RM] very much like the mouthpiece of BTS, like the heart and soul. And it takes a lot to like assume that responsibility. Right? To be able to speak … in an eloquent manner, on behalf of an entire group.

— Simu Liu


The actor couldn’t stop singing his praises in response to the question. Who can blame him? RM deserves so much love.

He’s kind of been there every step of the way, and he’s also, you know, one of the producers as well … What’s not there to love?

— Simu Liu

Panel host Jason Y. Lee, founder of Jubilee Media, joined in the fanboying, revealing he loves Jimin and J-Hope. So, they hope to one day meet their biases!


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Simu is really just like us!

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