SinB Opens Up About The Possibility Of A GFRIEND Reunion

We hope the GFRIEND members can reunite soon!

VIVIZ‘s SinB just revealed whether or not she thinks GFRIEND will reunite!

VIVIZ’s Sin B | @bscenez/Instagram

In the latest episode of SCAN VIVIZ, SinB opened up about GFRIEND’s disbandment and explained why VIVIZ decided not to elect a leader of the group.


GFRIEND suddenly disbanded in May 2021, and the members did not expect to disband so suddenly. SinB revealed that she did not think “MAGO” would be the group’s last promotion, and all the members cried when their disbandment was announced.

As a VIVIZ member, SinB still gets to perform with two fellow GFRIEND members, Eunha and Umji.

Eunha (left), Umji (middle), and SinB (right) | @soonyos/Twitter

Although GFRIEND disbanded, SinB revealed that she remains hopeful that the group will reunite someday.

GFRIEND | @Channel_Buddies/Twitter

SinB said, “I think GFRIEND will unite someday, sooner or later.” 

She continued, “I believe that this is just temporary. We will do our best and take good care of ourselves. Someday, we will reunite.” 

See the full episode of SCAN VIVIZ below.