Singer And Actress NS Yoon Ji Announces She Will Be Getting Married In September

Congratulations to the couple!

Singer and actress NS Yoon Ji (who goes by Kim Yoon Ji when acting) just revealed she will be getting married in September to her childhood sweetheart.

Singer and actress NS Yoon Ji | @_yunjeekim_/Instagram

In a post on her personal Instagram account, she revealed the news to her fans in both Korean and English.

Hey everyone it’s YunJee. I wanted to let you guys know that I have found my forever one and I will be getting married in September. He is a kind, caring, warm and loving person who’s always been there for me. I want to be there for him always as his wife. Please bless us with your love ☺︎ And thank you always for all the support and love!

— Kim Yoon Ji

She also spoke with TV Report in an exclusive interview to share some more details about her upcoming marriage.

My soon-to-be husband and I have seen each other grow up since elementary school and our families are also close to each other. We have been dating since about a year ago, and decided to have our wedding in the fourth week of September.

Our families are very close, but they didn’t know we would be lovers. It’s just fate, and it’s amazing. I will happily live with my infinitely reliable husband.

I am going to focus on preparing for my wedding now. I will continue my career as an actress after the wedding. I ask for your support, interest, and love.

— Kim Yoon Ji

Kim Yoon Ji recently appeared as a supporting actress in popular K-Drama Mine. She also released a remake of her song “If You Love Me” with MONSTA X‘s Joohoney.

Source: TV Report