Singer BLOO Reveals DM From Lee Hyori After She Made His 2017 Song Top the Charts

This was before Lee Hyori covered his song on “Hangout With Yoo” and made it top the charts after 2 years.

If you’ve been watching MBC’s Hangout With You for the musical project embarked on by Yoo Jae Suk, Rain, and Lee Hyori, you’ve probably watched Lee Hyori’s stellar cover of BLOO‘s “Downtown Baby.”

Lee Hyori did such a good job with her cover that despite the song had come out back in 2017, it topped the Korean music charts once more 2 years after its release.

And BLOO must’ve thanked Lee Hyori for the attention via DM because she responded with wise words of advice like the respectable “sunbae” she is.

The DM from Lee Hyori reads as follows:

No need to thank me. I was actually worried the sudden attention from the public could make you feel pressured. I hope this becomes a chance to grow as an artist who generously understands what people say out of jealousy… Thanks to you, I learned that if you work hard with sincerity, the skies will give you a chance one day… I think it was only possible because it was a good song. Don’t be shaken or get overexcited and just watch by calmly as you enjoy this time and the charts. You’re already a really cool person.

Congratulations on topping the Melon chart. Get rid of all worries and enjoy the moment. And then just forget it all and go back to your usual life. Just be yourself again. I wish I could top the Melon chart (I can’t even remember the last time).

– Lee Hyori

Wise words from a wise “sunbae.”


Check out Lee Hyori’s cover of BLOO’s “Downtown Baby”…

As well as BLOO’s original track below: