Singer Crush Is Receiving Heavy Criticism For Allegedly Discriminating Against Two Black Fans

Another instance of anti-Blackness in the Korean music industry?

Crush is currently facing huge backlash for mistreating two black fans at a recent concert.

| @crush9244/Instagram

According to one of the two fans, the singer avoided touching their hands while high-fiving and touching others in the front row of the show. They posted a video of the incident, which has sparked widespread outrage on social media. In the clip, Crush is seen touching the front-row fans’ hands before he pauses and backs away a little, nodding in the audience’s direction before continuing.

The two fans, who are also roommates, have been long-time fans of Crush. The OP (original poster) of the video recounted the experience on Twitter, saying that one of their friends moved her hand away to allow the singer to get to them, but he skipped over the two, still managing to touch the friend’s lowered hand.

The second fan has also spoken up about their experience, expressing their disappointment and hurt at this discrimination.

This issue has triggered a resurfacing of Crush’s problematic past behavior, where he did blackface on TV while participating in the show King of Masked Singer. The singer wore the mask of Michol, a caricature black character from the popular animated Korean show Dooly. Since the show’s format allows participants to choose their own costumes, the fact that Crush decided to go with such an option has refueled the anger around his behavior.

Neither the singer nor his label PNation has made any statements responding to this issue yet.

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