Singer “A” Is Charged Along With Chaebols In Drug Scandal

The Prosecutor’s Office announced the charges on December 2.

A singer in a three-member group, along with members of Korea’s chaebol families, will stand trial for using marijuana. Chaebol refers to a group of Korea’s most powerful families.

Prosecutor’s office | The Korea Herald

According to news reports on December 2, the Seoul Central Prosecutor’s Office announced that the singer, along with eight other people, will stand trial for using and selling the drug.

The news reports alleged that the singer had been charged with purchasing and using marijuana between March—October. The reports stated that it had been revealed that the group member not only smoked the drug but also grew marijuana plants in their home that they shared with their child.

Unrelated marijuana plant | AZ Central

The news report states that two third-generation chaebols will also stand trial for marijuana use.

Yonhap News reports that one of the chaebol is a Mr. Hong, who is the grandson of late Namyang Dairy founder Hong Doo Myung. He is also the cousin of controversial figure Hwang Hana, who is currently serving  prison sentence for drug use. The other chaebol member is a Mr. Cho, who is a third-generation family member of the Hyosung Group.

Namyang Dairy | Maeil Kyungjae
Source: yonhap and Star News
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