Singer Kim Soo Chan Explains Why He Now Calls His Mother “Noona”

It all started once he became an adult.

On a recent episode of SBS‘s Do You Eat, singer, Kim Soo Chan opened up about his unique family circumstances which include calling his mother “noona.”

Kim Soo Chan made the unexpected revelation that his mother gave birth to him when she was 20 years old and unmarried.

My mother gave birth to be at 20 when she was unmarried, and even left a will just in case. We lived in a half-basement and whenever our place flooded, we made a bet on who could scoop out more water.

— Kim Soo Chan

It was in his first year of high school that he first realized his dream to become a singer, which ultimately led him to the reality audition show, Mr. Trot.

I sang a trot song for my homeroom teacher’s wedding when I was in first year of high school.

— Kim Soo Chan

During his journey to stardom, it was his mother who supported him all the way.

When I appeared on National Singing Contest, my mother tried to chase away my nerves by telling me, ‘You already won the top prize.’

— Kim Soo Chan

Kim Soo Chan added that it was all thanks to his mother that he always had high confidence.

But the shocking part is when Kim Soo Chan stopped calling her “mother” and started calling her “noona” instead.

Once I became an adult, my mother told me that she raised me well enough and that she would retire as a mother. She said, ‘I’m going to live my life now, so call me noona.’

— Kim Soo Chan

His family circumstances are surely unique, but what’s for certain is that he was raised with lots of love.

Source: Dispatch