Singer Nam Taehyun’s Agency Addresses Misinformation About His Drunk Driving Incident

“He had no intention…”

Nam Taehyun‘s agency Noname Music addressed the recent controversy regarding the singer’s drunk driving incident.

Nam Taehyun | @souththth/Instagram

On March 8, Nam Taehyun was caught by the police on charges of drunk driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.114%. The reports stated that Nam Taehyun parked his car drunk on a roadside in the Gangnam area, opened the door, damaged the side mirror of a taxi passing by, then continued driving for about 20 meters.

On March 10, Noname Music explained that what happened differed from what was reported.

Nam Taehyun had no intention of driving under the influence. Someone asked to move his car, and he made the mistake of doing so without realizing it.

| Noname Music

They then gave a detailed report of what happened during the crash.

After meeting some people in Gangnam at around 3:30 am on the 8th, while his acquaintances were waiting for the drivers they called, Nam Taehyun moved his car about 5 meters to re-park it because it was blocking his acquaintances’ cars, and then he waited for the driver he called. During this process, when Nam Taehyun was opening the door of his parked car, an accident occurred when his car door collided with the side mirror of a taxi driving by.

| @souththth/Instagram

The agency also clarified that Nam Taehyun did not continue to drive for 20 meters after the accident.

Immediately after the collision, Nam Taehyun checked to see if the taxi driver was okay and promised sufficient compensation for the damage. However, unlike some media reports, Nam Taehyun did not drive tens of meters after the collision with the taxi but moved about 5 meters forward to park again.

The agency apologized for the singer’s mistakes and said, “Despite being drunk, there is no excuse for making a quick and rash judgment.” They said Nam Tae Hyun is reflecting on himself and will conduct a police investigation and be appropriately punished for his crime.


Source: Star News
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