Singer Roh Ji Hoon’s Racing Model Wife Wants To Work Again, So He’s Getting A Vasectomy

His undying love for his wife is on full display.

Solo singer and Mister Trot contestant Roh Ji Hoon is proving his love for his wife by undergoing surgery for her career.

Roh Ji Hoon | Big Daddy Entertainment

In a preview for the upcoming episode of Mr. House Husband, former Cube Entertainment soloist Roh Ji Hoon and his wife, Lee Eun Hye, can be seen sharing a conversation about her future. During this heart-to-heart talk, she revealed that she wants to start working again.

Still from upcoming “Mr. House Husband” episode | KBS

Lee Eun Hye further revealed that she had been in contact with a representative from her former agency. Prior to getting married, Lee Eun Hye worked as a successful racing model. After tying the knot, however, she had to put a pause on her career. Considering the overall look and style which racing models aim to have, Lee Eun Hye knew she could not continue working — especially after she got pregnant.

Racing model Lee Eun Hye | @eunhyeasha/Instagram

At first, Roh Ji Hoon tried to brush over the conversation, saying she “[doesn’t] have to work” — especially since the two have a 3-year-old son, whom Lee Eun Hye has been taking care of as a stay-at-home mom.

Lee Eun Hye, their son, Roh Ji Hoon | eunhyeasha/Instagram

Seeing how the former model yearned to return to the industry, the couple came to a conclusion after a long conversation. Lee Eun Hye’s wish would come true and she’ll make her comeback!

In fact, in support of his wife’s endeavor to return to the field, Roh Ji Hoon even made the executive decision to undergo a vasectomy. To make sure Lee Eun Hye can really focus on re-building her modeling career, Roh Ji Hoon agreed to take measures so that a potential pregnancy won’t come in the way of her career.

Doctor’s visit on “Mr. House Husband” | KBS

This episode of Mr. House Husband will air on January 30th for the full story.

Source: Insight and Instagram