Singer Roy Kim Apprehensive About Fan Acceptance For His Comeback After Scandal

His music and fans were his ray of hope in surviving the scandal’s dark days.

Singer and songwriter Roy Kim celebrated his tenth anniversary with his fourth LP änd,” the first time since he released an LP in seven years.

Kim returned to the music scene almost three years after releasing his digital single “Linger On” in May 2020. He shared his thoughts in a press conference held for him recently.

I took the time to imagine how I would come back (as a singer). Many things happened during my time away from music. I was emotionally tired and worn out and went into the military. The answer (I found) was to promote myself more through music for fans who’ve waited for me.

— Roy Kim

Kim admitted he was nervous about returning after a long while from a hiatus due to a controversy he was involved in.

| @roykimmusic/Instagram

In 2019, Roy Kim was investigated by the police for sharing obscene photographs in a group chat with Jung Joon Young and other fellow entertainers. He received a suspension of the indictment from prosecutors in 2020.

He released an apology back then through his official fan cafe, promising never to disappoint his fans. He then served his military enlistment with the Marines in May and finished his term in December last year.

| @roykimmusic/Instagram

After all the time he was away, Kim shared that music and his fans were his only driving force. Though he kept a low profile, he kept working on his music and now hopes to reconnect with his fans through his new album.

It took a long time to come back with a new album, but it took just as much effort and contemplation. It contains a wide variety of human emotions — joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure — from tracks one to eight, and the final track asks listeners what they would do after embracing such emotions. I personally wanted to send a message wishing that people would be more thankful for their surroundings and value the moment.

— Roy Kim

Kim is also preparing for a concert in November, saying he plans to meet his fans more in person. He also has a fan signing event and a live session where he intends to sing all the tracks in his latest album.


Source: The Korea Herald
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