“Single’s Inferno 2” Star Choi Seo Eun’s High School Yearbook Photos Resurface, Revealing Transformation

She’s always been naturally beautiful!

Single’s Inferno 2 might be over, but the contestants are gaining more attention and popularity after the finale. So, everyone is curious about both their pasts and future following the show.

Choi Seo Eun especially has been a favorite among viewers. She and her boyfriend she met on the show, Jo Yoong Jae, are even hosting a fanmeeting, making them the first Single’s Inferno couple to do so.

Jo Yoong Jae (left) and Choi Seo Eun (right) | @4x4ischoi/Instagram

Even before she appeared on Single’s Inferno 2, Seo Eun had garnered attention as Miss Korea 2021. With her stunning visuals and talents, it’s no surprise she won.

Now with her increasing fame, netizens are resurfacing photos from her past, revealing her transformation through the years.


While we think of her as the sophisticated and sexy young woman she is today, Seo Eun was actually even cuter when she was younger!

| idujh/Naver

A classmate’s friend discovered Seo Eun’s photos in both junior and senior high school yearbooks. Seo Eun had studied in the U.S. as a teenager before ultimately graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Painting of Pratt Institute of Art in New York.

As evident from the yearbook photos (which aren’t always so flattering!), Seo Eun was always beautiful. It appears that she got little to no work done, losing some baby fat on her face as she matured.


The same can be said for fellow contestant Shin Seul Ki. Read more about her below.

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