“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Shin Seul Ki Shocks Netizens After An Old Picture Of Her Resurfaces

Her beauty has always been stunning!

Although Single’s Inferno 2 has come to an end, the contestants are slowly gaining more attention and popularity after the finale. Everyone wants to know about their pasts and future following the show.

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One of the most anticipated contestants was Shin Seul Ki.

“Single’s Inferno 2” contestant Seul Ki | Netflix

Throughout the show, she gained attention for her visuals, and it wasn’t surprising that she was chosen by three male contestants when it came to deciding who they wanted to be with during the season finale.

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Even on Instagram, Seul Ki’s visuals are undeniable, as she looks like a true supermodel with innocent and charming features.

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It isn’t surprising to know she is also a beauty queen. In 2020, Seul Ki was 1st Place winner at The 90th Miss Chunhyang Pageant (also known as 2020 Miss Chunhyang). The pageant is named after the female lead and titular character of the classic Korean romance novel Chunhyang.

Recently, following her rising popularity, netizens found some images of Seul Ki from when she was younger. In the picture, Seul Ki still looked beautiful with more youthful and innocent visuals.

When the photos were shared on social media, netizens couldn’t get over just how beautiful Seul Ki looked her whole life. Normally, most people talk about a “glow-up,” and although she looks stunning now, Seul Ki has the same charming beauty.

Along with being beautiful, Seul Ki is also the full package after it was revealed that she is also so talented.

When she first appeared on the show, Seul Ki already had an elite personal background. It was revealed in the show that she is currently enrolled in Seoul National University’s piano department, which is known as one of the top ones in the nation.

| Shin Seul Ki’s Instagram via 알면뭐하니/YouTube

As always, Seul Ki has impressed netizens throughout the series and even more after she picked Choi Jong Woo in the end…

Choi Jong Woo and Seul Ki | Netflix
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After her appearance on Single’s Inferno, Seul Ki will undoubtedly continue to gain fame.

You can read more about Seul Ki below.

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