New “Single’s Inferno” Contestant Has An Unexpected Connection To One From Previous Season

Seul Ki and Ji Yeon know each other?!

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Netflix‘s hit Korean dating show Single’s Inferno is back, and the new set of contestants might have some connections to last season’s.

Single’s Inferno 2 premiered on December 13, and only four episodes are out right now. The series focuses on a group of sexy Korean singles trying to find love on a deserted island “Inferno.” If feelings are reciprocated, a “couple” get to escape to “Paradise” (a resort) to get to know each other better.

The first woman we were introduced to in Season 2 was Shin Seul Ki. With her calm personality and cute appearance, she reminded us of another contestant but from a previous season…

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Moon Se Hoon‘s love interest and University of Toronto student Shin Ji Yeon.


While Nadine Lee is a known Harvard student, so she is similar in terms of elite international schooling to Shin Ji Yeon, she and Shin Seul Ki have another greater connection.


It’s not that they are related, although they both are Shins. They have met before, though…

The past 100 days were full of extremely happy and heart-fluttering moments. Thank you for giving me so much love. #MissChoonHyang #Jin(1stPlace) #Zinnia

— @shinseulkee/Instagram

In 2020, Shin Seul Ki was crowned the 1st Place winner of The 90th Miss Chunhyang Pageant (also known as 2020 Miss Chunhyang). The pageant is named after the female lead and titular character of the classic Korean romance novel Chunhyang. Previous winners include Lee Da HaeSquid Game actress Kim Joo Ryung, and more!

She is also a very famous beauty with both ability and political integrity in Korean history.

The Korean drama ‘Chuanxiang Hero, which was popular in East Asia, was adapted from this story.

Therefore, ‘Miss Chunhyang’ is naturally regarded as the highest level of traditional beauty in Korea.

— Banned Book


At the time, Shin Seul Ki was a 23-year-old student at Korea’s top university, Seoul National University, majoring in piano.

Miss Chunhyang 2020 Shin Seul Ki posing with her award.

That same year, Shin Ji Yeon was also a contestant in The 90th Miss Chunhyang Pageant. She was a finalist and won 3rd place.

Shin Ji Yeon (left) | Chunhyang Pageant 

You can see both Shin Seul Ki and Shin Ji Yeon pictured together in the group of The 90th Miss Chunhyang Pageant finalists below.

Shin Seul Ki (the third woman from left) and Shin Ji Yeon (the fourth woman)

So, they certainly met and became friendly through the pageant. It’s more than likely Shin Ji Yeon referred Shin Seul Ki to participate in Single’s Inferno. 

Read more about Single’s Inferno 2‘s contestants below.

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Source: Banned Book and Yonhap News Agency

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