Can’t Wait Until Paradise? Get To Know The “Single’s Inferno 2” Cast Now Via Social Media

Some are low-key already famous…

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Netflix‘s hit Korean dating show Single’s Inferno is finally back with Season 2!

Single’s Inferno 2 premiered on December 13, and only 2 episodes are out right now. We were briefly introduced to all nine contestants, five women and four men. We found out their names, some hobbies, and their “types” when dating.

However, we won’t find out their occupations, ages, etc., until they leave the island “Inferno” for “Paradise” (resort). If you can’t wait until then, get to know the contestants better via Instagram!

1. Shin Seul Ki

Shin Seul Ki was the first person in Inferno. She is relatively chill, which some misunderstand as “snobbish.” However, she likes to have fun as much as anyone. She is looking for a nice, friendly guy.

| Netflix

You can follow her @shinseulkee on Instagram.

2. Park Se Jeong

Park Se Jeong is definitely the “baddie” of Single’s Inferno 2, and she is gaining attention for her resemblance to Bae Suzy and LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha. So, it’s no surprise with her beauty and “sexy body,” she is a model signed to YG Entertainment‘s subsidiary label KPlus. She is looking for someone equally hot, who has a “pretty smile” and will “take care” of her.

| Netflix

You can follow her at @jennonpark on Instagram.

3. Choi Jong Woo

Similarly, Choi Jong Woo is compared to two K-Pop idols, ENHYPEN‘s Jake and Heeseung. But he played soccer and joined the show due to a monk’s encouragement. He thinks his charming point is his mouth which naturally curls at the corners. He hopes to get married.

| Netflix

You can follow him at @jvvcful on Instagram.

4. Lee So E

Lee So E is a “clumsy” dancer with a fun, nice personality. She said she has a “success rate of 100%” because she only crushed on one guy and successfully dated him. Ultimately, she is “into guys who are tall and have strong features” because she feels secure with them.

| Netflix

You can follow her at @e._.soi on Instagram.

5. Jo Yoong Jae

Jo Yoong Jae believes he might be the “strongest” of all the men on the show. He enjoys keeping in shape by hiking, camping, CrossFit, etc. He finds wisdom to be the most attractive trait in a woman, and he hopes to find a long-term relationship rather than a fling.

| Netflix

You can follow him at @yoongkda on Instagram.

Jo Yoong Jae also has a YouTube channel about camping. You can watch the video below, available with English subtitles.

6. Lee Nadine

Lee Nadine is one of the most unique contestants since she actually speaks better English than Korean. She self-described as having a cold, honest personality but acknowledged her voice sounded “softer” when speaking in Korean. She joined the show to escape her comfort zone and date.

| Netflix

Nadine previously went viral for her college acceptance reaction video. She is a Harvard student majoring in Neuroscience who also plays lacrosse and soccer.

You can follow her at @deeenerss on Instagram.

7. Kim Han Bin

Viewers fell in love with Kin Han Bin, who bares great resemblance to actor Nam Joo Hyuk. His cheerful, outgoing personality puts everyone at ease, and he can cook! He hopes to meet someone with a similar personable and positive mindset.

| Netflix

You can follow her at @domestic_seal on Instagram.

8. Shin Dong Woo

Some say Crush is Shin Dong Doo’s celebrity lookalike. But he is passionate about weightlifting and basketball rather than music. Since he is very calm, he would like someone more energetic.

| Netflix

You can follow him @darricksss on Instagram.

9. Choi Seo Eun

The elegant Choi Seo Eun is a former Miss Korea. Still, she enjoys athletic activities, such as paddleboarding. While she appears very mature and classy, she tends to do aegyo when infatuated with a man. She is looking for someone to bring that out and make her happy.

| Netflix

You can follow her @4x4ischoi on Instagram.

10. Kim Jin Young

Kim Jin Young joined later, but he became an instant favorite among the ladies on the show and among netizens online. He’s a self-identified shy guy who likes motorcycles. Despite his introverted nature, it only takes him “three seconds to feel sparks” with a woman.

Kim Jin Young | Netflix

You can follow him @dex_xeb on Instagram.

11. Kim Se Jun

The new male contestant with actor-like visuals could possibly be So E’s love interest. He is quiet, and he likes someone with a bubbly personality. He enjoys tennis as a hobby.

| Netflix

You can follow him on Instagram @asser__kim.

12. Lim Min Su

New woman contestant Lee Min Su is a former Miss Korea contestant. While she appears soft and bubbly on the outside, she tackles anything that needs to be dealt with “head-on.” So, if she meets a guy that fits her specific type, she will pursue him.

| Netflix

You can follow her on Instagram @limminsu000.

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