Hot “Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Could Totally Pass For Crush’s Brother

We can’t unsee the resemblance!

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Single’s Inferno is all about developing crushes and falling in love, yet… One contestant literally looks like a Crush!

After the worldwide success of Netflix‘s Korean dating show Single’s Inferno‘s debut season, it has returned for Season 2.

Like the previous season, Single’s Inferno 2 follows a group of sexy single Korean men and women looking to find love on a deserted island known as “Inferno.” If feelings are reciprocated, the “couple” escape for the night to get to know each other better in “Paradise” (a resort).

The first two episodes recently premiered, and we were introduced to the new group of singles. Many contestants have gone viral due to their resemblance to popular Korean celebrities, such as Nam Joo Hyuk, Bae Suzy, LE SSERAFIM’s KazuhaENHYPEN’s Jake and Heeseung. Still, there’s even more…

Shin Dong Woo | Netflix

Later, in Episode 1 of Season 2, we were introduced to one of the final male contestants. He caught his fellow contestants’ and the hosts’ attention due to his strong build.

| Netflix

Even dressed up in his classy blue button-up, he was noticeably muscular.

| Netflix

His broad shoulders and strong jawline are undeniably handsome features. Besides, he has a calm yet attentive personality, so all of these traits have already obtained the attention of two women.

| Netflix

He introduced himself as Shin Dong Woo. While we know little to nothing about him at this time, we can’t help but find some familiarity with him…

| Netflix

He bares some resemblance to South Korean R&B and hip hop singer-songwriter and producer Crush.

Crush | P NATION

Not only do they have similar face shapes (and ears), but their features are quite alike as well. To top it off, Shin Dong Woo’s haircut is much like the style Crush is often seen with.

Crush | P NATION

The obvious difference is Crush has a smaller build. He focuses most of his time on making music, while Shin Dong Woo is a gym buff whose hobby is basketball.

| Netflix
| Netflix

Nevertheless, netizens agree that Crush is certainly Shin Dong Woo’s celebrity lookalike, and we certainly think they could at least pass for brothers!


i was watching #singlesinferno season 2 when i realized most of the casts look familiar 😭

♬ Run BTS – BTS

Also, there is at least one thing that we know that they have in common, though. Both men have W Rizz! While Crush and Red Velvet‘s Joy have been happily dating for over a year, Shin Dong Woo has his choice of at least two beautiful women…

Crush (left) and Joy (right)

Single's Inferno

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