The “Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant That Looks Like Not One But Two ENHYPEN Members

Needless to say, he’s very hot…

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Our favorite dating show is finally back!

After the worldwide success of Netflix‘s Korean dating show Single’s Inferno‘s debut season, it has returned for Season 2.

Like the previous season, Single’s Inferno 2 follows a group of sexy single Korean men and women looking to find love on a deserted island known as “Inferno.” If feelings are reciprocated, the “couple” escape for the night to get to know each other better in “Paradise” (a resort).

The first two episodes recently premiered, and we were introduced to the new group of singles. Last year, we had two actual K-Pop idols, Choi Si Hun and Kang So Yeon, and a backup dancer for K-Pop idolsCha Hyun Seung.

Cha Hyun Seung | Netflix
Choi Si Hun | Netflix

Some fans even teased that ENHYPEN might appear on Single’s Inferno 2 since Cha Hyun Seung appeared on the group’s TikTok.

ENHYPEN, of course, is not on the new season of Single’s Inferno. Yet, one man has caught our attention for his resemblance to not one but two ENHYPEN members.


The man in question is the first man who arrived on the island…

Choi Jong Woo | Netflix

We were first introduced to Choi Jong Woo of all the men. He is a competitive soccer-loving athlete, although his profession is unknown at this time.


He prides himself the most in his mouth, which naturally upturns even when not smiling, so he always has a pleasant expression. But he is most attracted to women with pretty eyes.


You know who also has a great smile? ENHYPEN’s Jake. Choi Jong Woo is certainly not a doppelganger for Jake, but they hold undeniable facial similarities.


Yet, some might argue Choi Jong Woo also bares some resemblance to Jake’s fellow ENHYPEN member Heeseung

Heeseung | BELIFT LAB

Netizens on TikTok have discussed who the Single’s Inferno 2 contestants most remind them of, and they agree Choi Jong Woo looks most like these two ENHYPEN members.


i was watching #singlesinferno season 2 when i realized most of the casts look familiar 😭

♬ Run BTS – BTS

Still, they have their own unique charms, and we certainly know what Choi Jong Woo’s are…


What do you think? Do you see the resemblance?


Choi Jong Woo is not the only contestant on this season who resembles Korean celebrities. Read more below.

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