“Single’s Inferno” Contestant So Yeon Shocks Netizens After They Discover She Used To Be In A K-Pop Co-Ed Group

Is there anything she can’t do?

It seems as if the world is rightly obsessed with Korean shows, especially after the massive success of Netflix‘s Squid Game in 2021. However, a new show has swept the internet and is gaining attention worldwide, and it is the Korean reality show Single’s Inferno.

“Single’s Inferno” poster | Netflix

The show is similar to the concept of Western shows such as Love Island and follows a group of attractive, single people as they try and search for love. One of the biggest differences in this show is that the contestants are on an island cut off from the real world.

The original cast of “Single’s Inferno” | Netflix

Although all of the contestants have been gaining attention, one, in particular, has captured the hearts of viewers, and it is Kang So Yeon. As soon as she entered the show, she gained attention for her stunning visuals, caring personality, and genuineness.

Single’s Inferno’s Kang So Yeon | @kangsoyeon__/ Instagram

On the show, So Yeon showcased her athletic side and proved that she is worthy of being the CEO of HITFIT BOXING and GoodRound leisure clothing. Throughout the episodes, she’s excelled at the challenges and was always seen exercising with the other contestants.

However, sports isn’t the only thing So Yeon excels at, and she seems to be literally an all-rounder and good at everything she does.

One user on TikTok found a video that shocked netizens as it turned out that So Yeon used to be an idol! According to the video, So Yeon was actually part of a co-ed group called WE that debuted in 2012. She was the only female member amongst her other three members.

| Stone Music Entertainment

If netizens were surprised that they hadn’t figured it out before while searching for So Yeon, it would’ve been almost impossible. So Yeon actually went by the stage name Rosie in the group, but her visuals were undeniable, even dressed in the fashion associated with that time in K-Pop.

| Stone Music Entertainment

Although it’s hard to find anything about the group, a search on YouTube will find one of the group’s tracks called “Party.” The video serves pure classic K-Pop vibes with the edginess of the concept and the bright and hip-hop-inspired outfits.

| Stone Music Entertainment/ YouTube 
| Stone Music Entertainment/ YouTube    

In particular, So Yeon proved that as well as being badass, she can be adorable while singing and dancing like a boss! It is starting to get unfair that she basically can do it all.

| Stone Music Entertainment/ YouTube 

The TikTok gained hundreds of comments in disbelief that So Yeon had done every job in the industry and proved that there isn’t anything she can’t do.

At the same time, the video on YouTube suddenly gained a lot of new comments, with users calling her a multitalented queen and wanting a comeback after her recent popularity.

Yet, So Yeon isn’t the only contestant who’s been in the world of K-Pop. Cha Hyun Seong is well-known to netizens after going viral for being the iconic backing dancer for Sunmi

And basically being BFFs with K-Pop idols!

Cha Hyun Seong and Rain | @502bright/ Instagram
Cha Hyun Seong and 2PM’s Nichkhun | @502bright/ Instagram

He also danced alongside Stray Kids during their performance of BTOB‘s track “I’ll Be Your Man” on Mnet‘s Kingdom alongside fellow contestant Kim Hyeon Joong.

Stray Kids, Kim Hyeon Joong and Hyun Seong | @__1126.1/ Instagram

With the show’s popularity continuing to grow, maybe all of these contestants can create a new K-Pop group because, with their visuals, they will undoubtedly be amazing. Maybe WE could have a comeback? The possibilities are endless.

You can read more about the contestants’ ties to K-Pop below.

“Single’s Inferno” Contestant Gains Attention After Being Recognized As The Viral Backing Dancer For Sunmi

Source: @little_butterflyyyyy and Stone Music Entertanment

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