“Single’s Inferno” Contestant Cha Hyun Seung Is Literally Best Friends With Every K-Pop Idol—Here’s Proof

Sunmi, GOT7, EXO, Stray Kids, Girls’ Generation, etc…

The newest Single’s Inferno contest Cha Hyun Seong has caught everyone’s attention…

Cha Hyun Seung on “Single’s Inferno.” | Netflix

While he has yet to reveal his occupation officially on the show, netizens recognize him as the viral backup dancer for Sunmi.

Sunmi (left) and Cha Hyun Seung (right)

He’s also a super hot model.

Working in the K-Pop industry for years now, he has developed great friendships.

It’s no wonder he continues to be a highly sought-after dancer. He’s not only talented, but everyone loves being around him!

So, while he is most famously known for being Sunmi’s backup dancer, we have compiled a list of all of his coworker friends, i.e., K-Pop idols. Here is proof that he’s literally best friends with every K-Pop idol and group:

1. Girls’ Generation

Some of his earlier backup dancing gigs were for this legendary girl group!

He’s got autographs…

…and selfies with every member.

He was also a dancer for Taeyeon in her solos.

2. 2PM’s Taecyeon

He shared a photo watching one of Taec’s K-Dramas…

We would recognize those eyes anywhere!

3. 15&’s Yerin

Photogenic friends!

4. GOT7

He was a dancer for the group at the 2015 Dream Concert.

Clearly, he built a great friendship with the members, especially Jay B, Jinyoung, and Yugyeom!

5. T-ara’s Jiyeon

He posted his autograph from her!

6. f(x)’s Amber Liu

One of his best friendships is that with Amber.

He even remembers to wish her a “happy birthday!”

His Instagram feed is filled with truly chaotic moments featuring Amber.

These two clearly have a strong bond.

There are countless adorable selfies of him and Amber!

Also, you may see some other familiar faces in some group shots, like Joel Jay Lane.

7. DJ SURA and Red Mint’s Luney

He’s always hanging out with cool people!

8. Former BLANC7 member and rapper Teno

Going out for drinks or dinner with this guy is always a party.

9. MONSTA X’s Shownu

This is shortly after the group’s debut!

10. Ailee

He’s quite close with the solo artist as she has even taken photos for his Instagram.

They also take some of the cutest selfies!

11. SHINee’s Jonghyun

As a dancer for SM Entertainment, he became close with not only members from girl groups such as Girls’ Generation and f(x) but also boy groups, such as EXO and SHINee.

He was especially close with Jonghyun.

He toured with Jonghyun for the singer’s second concert tour X – INSPIRATION.

They made many great memories together during that time.

To this day, Hyun Seung regularly shares photos of Jonghyun, remembering his friend.

12. EXO

As a backup dancer for EXO, he connected with members, such as Lay.

He appears close with everyone, sharing selfies with each member.

Still, he seems especially close with Xiumin.

13. EXID

This photo puts “bright” in Hyun Seung’s IG handle!

14. BTOB’s Peniel

If there’s an idol who can rival Hyun Seung’s friendship with Amber, it’s certainly Peniel!

These two have been friends for many years now.

And their friendship is still going strong to this day.

They regularly work out together.

They even go on trips together with their other friends!

Sometimes, Peniel appears in Hyun Seung’s posts in blink-and-you-miss-it moments.

These two do a lot together. Not only going to the gym…

As mentioned on Single’s Inferno, Hyun Seung loves watersports, and apparently so does Peniel!

15. BTOB

Peniel is not the only BTOB member Hyun Seung is close with.

He’s close with the entire group after working with them!

Only true friends manage to capture photos of Changsub like this.

Peniel isn’t the only one who gets to go on trips with Hyun Seung.

16. DEAN

Imagine being bros with DEAN. The dude is living our dream.

17. 2PM’s Nichkhun

Not only Taecyeon but also Nichkhun is friends with Hyun Seung!


He seriously knows all of our favs.

19. f(x)’s Luna

He may be besties with Amber, but he’s also close with the rest of f(x) and has worked with Luna in her solo music.

20. UJI

UJI is another good friend of his!

21. AOA

We don’t know who we are more jealous of in this picture.

22. Brown Eyed Girls

Squad goals.

23. f(x)’s Krystal

He and Krystal also have a sweet friendship that we can’t help but admire!

24. Yuri Park

They’re both so handsome!

25. BoA

Yes, he even knows the queen herself!

26. TVXQ’s Changmin (also known as Max)

How does it feel to live our dream, Hyun Seung?

27. Rain

Legends with legends!

Huge flex.

28. Stray Kids

Do you recognize another familiar face here? It’s fellow Single’s Inferno contestant Kim Hyeon Joong!

29. Sunmi

Last but certainly not least…

The one friendship to rule them all.

One thing about Sunmi and her backup dancers, they will always be taking the best group photos.

When you look up “squad goals,” you’ll find pictures of them.

They even celebrate Halloween together!

He’s been part of the group of dancers that toured with Sunmi…

Many great memories were made on Sunmi’s first world tour.

Having worked together literally since her solo debut, they have become incredibly close.

So close that he even did a sexy photoshoot with her for Buckaroo.

Talk about two pretty best friends.

They’re literally friendship goals, to be honest.

We can always count on Hyun Seung for adorable behind-the-scenes shots!

Bestie vibes.

Hanging out with the crew.

It’s been almost eight years, and this friendship is still unbreakable.

She even gives him sweet mementos and autographs!

The award for best friends ever goes to… Sunmi and Hyun Seung.

No duo can be rivaled.

Seriously, name a more iconic duo…

We’ll wait.

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