“Single’s Inferno” Contestant Gains Attention After Being Recognized As The Viral Backing Dancer For Sunmi

He went viral for his visuals and chemistry with Sunmi!

After the success seen from the Netflix series Squid Game, it seems as if the world is rightly becoming obsessed with Korean shows. Recently, fans worldwide have become obsessed with the reality show called Singles Inferno.

“Singles Inferno” poster | Netflix

After six episodes, it has become a big hit with viewers worldwide with its high drama and attractive contestants.

The original cast of “Singles Inferno” | Netflix

Recently, three new contestants arrived on the island and one of those was Cha Hyun Seung. From the second he stepped onto the screen, both the contestants and viewers watching couldn’t get over his handsome visuals.

Cha Hyun Song | Netflix

As soon as fans saw him, they wanted to know all about him and it seems as if he might be more known to netizens than you might first expect. Some thought it might be because he is just truly handsome, as shown by his Instagram photos…

Cha Hyun Seung | @502bright/ Instagram
| @502bright/ Instagram

However, after a lot of digging, netizens realized that the familiarity came from his job as a model and dancer because back in 2019, Hyun Seung actually went viral and was known as the iconic backing dancer for Sunmi!

With his dazzling visuals, he immediately caught the attention of fans for his chemistry on stage with the idol…

| 비몽/ YouTube
| 비몽/ YouTube   

Even during her latest “Tail” comeback and appearance on Studio Choom, her chemistry with Hyun Seung was just perfect.


If that wasn’t enough, the pair’s chemistry also gained attention from fans with their pictures together, whether it was in photoshoots…

Because they are the true epitome of visuals or just cute selfies showcasing their more playful chemistry with each other!

Cha Hyun Seung and Sunmi | @502bright/ Instagram
| @502bright/ Instagram

Yet, it seems as if has danced for many idols, including Girls’ Generation and Taeyeon as a soloist. He also worked with contestant and friend Kim Hyeon Joong with a well-known group.

It was revealed that Hyeon Joong was actually in Stray Kids‘ performance of BTOB‘s song “I’ll Be Your Man” during Mnet’s Kingdom! He posted a picture of himself on the set, and it seems as if Hyeun Seung was also there…

Cha Hyun Seong (left) with the other dancers | @__1126.1/ Instagram

He was even in the group picture with the members of Stray Kids as well!

Stray Kids, Cha Hyun Seung and the dancers | @__1126.1/ Instagram

With the popularity of the show increasing, Hyun Seung and the other contestants will no doubt see even more fame after the show ends.

You can read more about the Singles Inferno contestants who are gaining attention from fans below.

Netizens Notice That A Contestant From Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno” Looks Familiar… For Being In A Stray Kids Performance

Source: @502bright

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