ILLIT’s Wonhee Shock Netizens After Doing A TikTok With Her Beautiful Cousin — A Famous Dating Show Contestant

Did you recognize her?

ILLIT‘s Wonhee has shocked netizens after doing a TikTok with her cousin, someone who is a well-known dating show contestant in Korea.

ILLIT’s Wonhee | ILLIT/Weverse

After making it to the final of R U Next? Wonhee finally debuted with ILLIT who made waves with their new song called “Magnetic.”

Considering the impact of the song, it is the perfect track to become a dance challenge, and recently, Wonhee gained attention for doing it with someone unexpected. While most have been done with idols, netizens noticed Wonhee did it with another female who was just as pretty and had distinct similarities in their features.

When the video was first posted, netizens were eager to know who the person was. Considering their closeness and similar features, many thought it was Wonhee’s sister or definitely someone she is comfortable around.



Very quickly, the comments explained that it was Wonhee’s cousin Hwang Su Ji.




Yet, it might seem odd that fans are so aware of Wonhee’s family until it was realized that Su Ji is actually known on her own accord after she was a constant on the dating reality show Love Catcher in Bali.

Hwang Su Ji. | @t_110771/Instagram

Su Ji was considered one of the most popular contestants and was even compared to IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung.


Before Su Ji, all of ILLIT’s TikTok videos had been with other idols, so it’s nice to see that the company is allowing the members to have a more personal connection as well.

You can read more about netizens finding out about the initial connection below.

“R U NEXT’s” Wonhee Revealed To Be The Cousin Of A Famous Dating Reality Show Contestant

Source: @illit_official

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