Why Isn’t The “Hottest” Male “Single’s Inferno 2” Cast Member Getting Any Love?

“I’m so confused…”

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Netflix‘s dating Korean show, Single’s Inferno, is back with a second season and a new cast of hopefuls looking for love. One cast member, however, isn’t getting the response viewers expected.

The poster for “Single’s Inferno 2” | Netflix

The show’s first two episodes introduced us to five female contestants (Shin Seul KiPark Se Jeong, Lee So ELee Nadine, Choi Seo Eun) and four male contestants (Jo Yoong JaeChoi Jong WooShin Dong Woo, Kim Han Bin).

Several of these fresh faces, including Kim Han Bin, attracted attention for their resemblances to Korean celebrities. Kim Han Bin went viral for looking like actor Nam Joo Hyuk, who starred in  Start Up and Twenty Five Twenty One.

| Netflix
Nam Joo Hyuk | tvN

In Episode 1, Kim Han Bin won viewers over with his bright and outgoing personality. His friendliness broke the ice…

| Netflix

…and did we mention his culinary skills? Kim Han Bin took on the role of chef while the cast prepared their first meal on the island.

Kim Han Bin, Choi Seo Eun, and Park Se Jeong cooking | Netflix

Handsome, charming, athletic, and a skilled cook? He’s the total package.

On Single’s Inferno, contestants send each other anonymous postcards to show their interest. Given that Kim Han Bin checks plenty of boxes on the “boyfriend material” checklist, the hosts were shocked when he didn’t receive a single postcard from his female castmates.

| Netflix
Super Junior’s Kyuhyun is a host on the show. | Netflix

Viewers were baffled too! Team Kim Han Bin flocked to Twitter to express their shock. Why is the “hottest” male cast member with the “best personality” getting no love?

Kim Han Bin is at the bottom of Single Inferno 2‘s current ranking, but ironically, he was a top pick on the KBS program Matching Survival 1+1 (also known as Some Vival 1+1 ). He appeared on the show back in 2019.

It’s possible that Kim Han Bin will win over at least one of his Single’s Inferno 2 love interests, but if not…he has plenty of other options!

Source: KBS Entertain
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